Cold Days

Cold Days by Jim Butcher My rating: 5 of 5 stars Another good entry into the Dresden Universe. Without a doubt filled with plenty of action, while helping to clarify and connect some events from past books. Of course, there are enough questions left and a nice open ending that just leaves you begging for the next book. View all my reviews


Contrary to initial appearances, this site is actually alive once again.  Rather than spending time on content/posts i've been working on setting up a decent theme which should be unveiled in the next few days.  Until then, please refrain from feel the need to panic.

Over It

I think it is safe to say that I have travelled far down the 'road to recovery' following my surgery. How can I tell? Simple. I am so over sitting on the couch and trying to find something to entertain myself with. On the other hand, I'm not yet ready for a night/day out on the town. I can't manage an extended period of time moving around just yet. Luckily, it happens to be a fantastic day outside. Perfect for a nice walk up to the park and back. That should satisfy my need to...


I must say that the Vicodin is doing a wonderful job of keeping me pain free. My one complaint is how it is messing with my sleep cycle. I have to be sure to take a pill every 4 hours, which means being sure to set an alarm and waking myself up if needed. At the least I doze off for about 30-45 minutes shortly after taking a pill. Well, sometimes there is less actual dozing than simply sitting and starting into space while drooling...which the bf seemed to find amusing yesterday. Of course, I'll...

Forced Vacation

I've been needing some down time for a while now. Staying at home recovering from surgery was not what I really had in mind. Still, I can't refute the fact that getting away from the office is a very good thing.

Only thing I have to worry about right now is remembering to use my ab muscles sparingly, and finding anything worthwhile to watch on TV. So far I'm not having much luck between OnDemand or Netflix. Luckily my iPad is loaded with some books.

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